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Welcome to

Østre Kjærnes farm

Welcome to

Østre Kjærnes farm

Stay at our farm in peaceful surroundings and a beautiful nature!

About us

Østre Kjærnes farm!

Østre Kjærnes farm located in Våler in Østfold, and operated and owned by Erik and Linda Tegneby.

We settled ourselves in Østre Kjærnes in 2003. We have 2 children and eventually got a suit collection

farmyard animals. The farming consists of grain and grass. Erik is a hardworking landowner who

together with his family are genuinely interested in hunting and fishing. Linda also from time to time

join hunting, but most of the time she take care of all the the family, guests, animals and plenty of 

garden work. Linda is genuinely concerned of reuse and she love to paint with chalk paint ™ by Annie

Sloan. She provide workshop and having a nice little shop at the farm.

 We have since 2008 care-giving experience, child care home and child visits home.


 In 2013 we got a partnership with Angel Reisen in Germany that ensures

that European tourists find Østre Kjærnes farm located at the attractive lake Vansjø.


We have lent the farm since 2011 to TV2's popular "Sing along/Sing with me" for recording, production

and accommodation of crew members in the season 2-6.


The farm is about 800 acres of close access to Norway's species-rich fishing lake, Vansjø.

The square is surrounded by many natural and nature trails. One can experience nature from a boat,

canoe, kayaking, hiking, biking and horseback. The area is very expensive rich and one is cautious

and lucky you'll see elk, deer and beavers and abundant bird life. Goshawk and musevåk viewable

over our fields.


We are located in Våler, Sperrebotn, about 15-20 min from Moss which is our nearest town.

Moss / Rygge Airport 25 min. Distance by car from Oslo, 50 minutes (outside rush hour traffic) and

from Oslo Airport Gardermoen 1 1/2 hour. It also goes Airport Shuttle (NR11) to Moss.

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