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Welcome to

Østre Kjærnes farm

Here you are away from stress and you will experience the idyll in peaceful surroundings?


We have many activities to offer !

Vansjø, the lake is a large and greate for fishing and its al lot of different type of white fishes. 

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Paddle from the pier true narrow nice areas. Get ridd of stress and be peaceful and capture the nature. 

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Kayaking for those who would like a trip alone. Super workout in silence.

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Fishing from a boat or boat tour to swim? Bring your, girlfrend/boyfrend, friends, colleagues or family on a day trip or an overnight trip with a tent or in one of our comfortable apartments on the farm. The boats can accommodate 4-5 people. Should your boat for sports fishing recommended 2-3 people in each boat ..

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The area around the farm has a long shoreline of East against West. Excellent for hunting ducks and geese. It is also very popular to sit camouflaged at dusk (or days before. 6am) and commit duejakt. We have several seasons rented farm to Retriverklubben for hunting tests. In autumn 2014 we hosted the Nordic Championship for jaktretrivere. We offer tour of the area and can guide the desirability.

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Other activaties

  • Hiking or running: Nice roads and paths of uninterrupted nature. Run along the small roads or take into some of forest paths in areas. 

  • You use a horse to get around and capture good photos of wild animal, such as elk or deer/bambi.

  • Cycling: nice bike trails for mountain bike (roads and forest).

  • Mushrooms and berry: From July to September is the often much mushroom and berry in areas around the farm.

  • Birdwatching: There is much raptors, hawk and fishing eagle and owls in this area.  We have much   nesting and much andseveral birdhouses is organized to hold stock of rare birds and owls.

  • It can be many beautiful pictures if you like photographing.

  • Clay pigeon shooting with shotgun throws: Are you looking interested, we can offer terrain to hunt ducks, geese and pigeons. Or if you want to use the area for training hunting dog.