Alpaca hiking

At Østre Kjærnes farm in Østfold you will find our alpaca flock. They are becoming more and more numerous. We focus on breeding and selling animals. The alpaca is the farm's production animal that gives us the fantastic fiber (wool). Some of the animals are used as therapy animals and are trained to go for walks and they like it. Welcome to the farm.


In 2016, 5 beautiful alpaca mares came to the farm. Bounty is from England and 4 others (Alva, Ada, Aurora and Balerina) are bred from an alpaca farm in Hallingdal, Nesbyen. Last summer we got a full flap and 6 new crias (baby alpaca) were born. The herd is growing and this summer we are waiting for 7 cria (baby alpaca).

Alpaca industry is a relatively new industry in Norway. We want to be involved in breeding quality animals and hence quality fiber. We will base ourselves on sales of livestock, sales of warm alpaca products and alpaca yarn.

Alpaca hike, go on a trip with your own alpaca, from 395, - per person (approx. 1.5 hours)

Would you like to take part in an alpaca hike? These wonderful animals are good, shy and curious. They are wonderful to take on a hike. Popular activity where you get out on a trip with good company. We can adapt the hike to your pace, according to your needs. It is not allowed to bring a dog on the hike. Alpacas are runaway animals and afraid of an unknown dog. We have room for your dog in the stable, while you go for a walk with the alpacas. Alpaca hiking takes place when you come to our farm and we start by providing training and information about alpacas and alpaca keeping. We pick up the alpacas that are to be included and we start with alpaca hiking on farm roads, in forests, fields and paths. Each participant is given responsibility for their own alpaca (rents it and is its leader) 12 year limit for renting an alpaca (younger must have parents / companion). One from the farm is on the trip (guided tour). After the hike we go into the alpaca garden and get to know the rest of the herd. We inform about fiber production and processing of fiber (wool). We have sales of yarn, fiber (wool) and alpaca products from Norwegian Alpaca. The feedback from previous alpaca hikers is that it is very educational, a fantastic hiking terrain and that you get close to these wonderful animals. Along with the alpaca you will find peace, tranquility and harmony - here and now feeling.

Alpaca experience from 250, - per person (approx. 1 hour)

We now offer a "new" experience with our alpacas. The experience gives you plenty of time with the alpacas. We go into the herds and spend time with the alpacas. You get to sit down inside them, take lots of nice pictures, hand-feed them. If it is a hot day you will see the alpacas enjoy a bath in the splash pool and be showered by the garden hose. Alpaca experience is a wonderful experience if you have small children. Minimum 4 paying visitors.


Practical information

We have alpaca experiences and go alpaca hiking as normal, ie groups with randomly composed participants, with max. 9 alpacas and a maximum of 15 participants.

This means that participants meet people from other households.

We encourage all participants to keep at least 1 meter distance from each other, as well as disinfect hands before starting and after the hike.

There is rubbing alcohol and hand washing (soap and water) on site.

Everyone who is to participate in alpaca hiking must be healthy and symptom-free, and of course not in quarantine / isolation. If this is the case, please contact us well in advance for rebooking / cancellation.

We will at all times follow the authorities' advice and orders, and will adapt the activities accordingly.

Contact us and we will find time for an alpaca experience or alpaca hike for you and yours. Alpaca hiking and alpaca experience is a wonderful gift. Get in touch if you want to order a gift card! We set up alpaca hiking and alpaca experiences on weekdays and weekends all year round. We also have alpaca hiking and alpaca experiences during the school holidays. Contact us by email or telephone 93204001 if you have questions about gift cards and booking time for alpaca hiking. A warm welcome to us and our alpacas!

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