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Welcome to

Østre Kjærnes farm

Here you are away from stress and you will experience the idyll in peaceful surroundings?

VANSJØ, the lake and Fishing enthusiasts

For fishing enthusiasts!


Fish stocks

The population of perch are great and it is not uncommon to catch fish up to half a kilo, it appears larger

copies too. Zander and pike stocks are good and taking pike up to 10 kilograms each year and up to 113

cm. Zander has an average weight of between one and two kilograms. Roach and bream occurring in

large quantities. Anything less with rudd and bream. Eel and lake also occur.


Vansjø, The lake

With a coastline of over 200 km and an acreage of 46.5 km2, is Vansjø one of the largest

lakes, and by far the largest in Østfold. Vansjø is full of fjords, islands and straits, which invites

outdoor recreation and fishing experiences. In Vansjø can experience a rich birdlife. Swans, herons, a

wide variety of ducks and sometimes rare wading birds and osprey live here. The lake is stiff with fish

with a total of 15 to 16 species. Perch, pike-perch, pike and various carps are the most abundant fish


The best way to experience Vansjø diverse and beautiful natures is by canoe or boat. By boat or canoe you can easily get into the many shallow bays, not to mention all the narrow straits that Vansjø is so rich in. Like so many other nutritious lakes in Eastern Norway, is also the waterfront Vansjø dominated by reeds and vegetation.

Vansjø has a surprisingly low cut depth, and cutting. Do you use a boat, it is recommended to drive carefully.

The advantage of all these reasons is of course that they create many exciting fishing spots!

If you are not familiar with the area, is a map recommending since Vansjø may emerge as a "labyrinth" in many areas. This "labyrinth" means that you can easily find a place for yourself, even during the summer weekends.

The pier is 300 meters from the location, you can drive and the parking next to the pier.